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Welcome, it's been a while since I've had an upgrade to my website with all new content and sounds, so here it is!

DJ Deya to date! Christmas is finally over, all corporate X-Mas events and bookings are completed and all shelfed until next year. It's only really that time of the year, I like to let my own personal preference of music go and play what ever the customer wants, 70's, 80's Classic even cheesy pop classics! I also welcomed requests and even people were allowed to plug in their devices and play directly from their own playlist's.

As I have been hired to provide a service and requested before hand about the personal music presence it is only kind I oblige and put my own twist on things and a show of skills. It's not very often you get to hear 70's 80's music being scratched over and mixed, blended and cut up in a true DJ fashion! Which makes it so fun for me!

Shout's to my Brother in Law - Van and the whole team at Xclusive Touch for the opportunity to play at Bar Langley - Covent Garden for a New Years Special and a big thank you to all those that attended and made it a great night!

Back to work at one of my Residency's - Floripa, Shoreditch was a bit of hit and miss in club numbers for the early January, which was expected really but not to a level I anticipated. They don't call it dry January for no reason, as we all recover financially and physically for some. But good to know it picked back up and recovered to the numbers I expected.

Hence a Special 4 hour and a half of Live Recording of the latest Set is announced for your listening pleasure. Entitled 'Live Recording - Floripa 12th January 2020' which is broken down into 3 Parts each consisting of 1 hour and a half of music. As its Live you get to hear the crowd's reaction and ambience of the whole night. You get to really have a feel and relive the whole experience of being there in the comfort of your own independent surroundings! So get your own copy now for the affordable price of £5.00.

A promo or demo copy of the first part of the set is available for a free download and you will get to hear the first 45 Mins of the set to give you an insight of what you're paying for.

Also I just upgraded and invested in a new Rane 72 Mixer which is a brilliant piece of DJ Gear and definitely compliments my Technics and Phase set-up. Its great being able to return home and just practice away on an old school Turntable platter!

Well, as I draw to a close with this blog, I would like to give a big shout outs to everyone that attended one of my sets, the people I work with and work alongside you all know who you are.

I have more content and sounds coming soon so keep it locked, if you haven't already done so, join me on my instagram djdeya (nice & simple) page, facebook realdjdeya and right here at


DJ Deya

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