• D.J Deya

DJ Deya will no longer be playing at all SBG Venues!!!

After almost 4 years of playing in multiple Shoreditch Based Venues owned by SBG (Shoreditch Bar Group) ranging from Trafik, Cargo, Lighthouse, Tuk Tuk Bar and many more especially to my home Residency - Floripa on Great Eastern Street.

I DJ Deya and SBG Management have now parted ways!

I will no longer be playing at their venues but I would like to give a special thank you to those that have attended my nights of performing especially to those on a regular basis. It was and always will be a pleasure, I have such a deep connection and passion for the music, being able to share it with the hundreds that have attended whilst piecing it all together intelligently and creatively in a DJ Set was always worth more than just a pay check for me! I would always find ways of making that next performance better than the last one and would always try to smuggle in those new tracks that you weren't quite ready for but overtime became your favourites that you would eventually start singing along too in due time. My sets always consisted of piecing together music whether it would be Latino/Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, House, Dancehall, UK Grime, Old School, Commercial in a way that would always catch you by surprise and leave you wanting more every time.

I will continue to play and keep doing what I'm doing, just not at the SBG Venues. I am currently in the process of teaming up with other promoters and Club Venues so all is not lost just more opportunities to be made and taken with new memories to be made!

Being an Open Format DJ (Multi Genre) has given me the ability to play music for a range of people and bring variety of music to a night. From my own personal experience of clubbing there weren't many places where DJ's would play a variety of Music Genres ranging from Hip-Hop & R&B, real Latino/Reggaeton (Not the commercial diluted stuff), to true Dancehall and Afro-Beats then pump up the place with House, EDM or Garage Music. This combination of music brought in a range of customers who would specifically come for that certain genre but didn't mind when I decided to switch it up and expose them to something New. Unlike one particular genre all night! This in turn brought a unity to the dance floor which was always the true goal whenever I would power up that laptop and get to work for the thousands!

I will be arranging my own private events for the serious followers, where I will hand pick venues and release tickets in advance once I have sufficient followers of that particular event. Events will be broken down into Strictly Latino/Reggaeton Nights, Strictly Hip-Hop, R&B and Everything Urban Nights and All Out Open Format Nights. All you have to do is subscribe to receive updates and emails, let me know what music type you want to turn up to and wait for the announcement. Once sufficient numbers have been achieved I will get to work and make it happen!

I would like to thank the whole team at Shoreditch Bar Group (SBG) Management for the opportunity to play, The D.J's, Bar Managers, Bar Staff, Security, especially the people behind the scenes arranging the next job and making that magic happen and making the whole journey a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Last but not least the people who have attended and always returned for the next one.

I hope our paths cross once again.

Sincerely Yours

DJ Deya