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Website Update!

Wow, how time flies! I didn't realise my website was in need of a major update, but Im glad to announce I'm all over it, with all new content, music and more. So my apologies!

I've been busy in the home studio, producing and remixing, whilst still keeping the D.J'ing up to Par ready for the club sets.

In addition I've been learning to use Photoshop as I wanted to take care of the Artwork and Photography side of the this business and I'm slowly getting the hang off it. I thought using Logic Pro X software was hard but the Photoshopping is on another level. I salute you Photoshop Pro's! Get in touch with friendly advice, I'm all ears! My first piece is shown above with a little help from a reliable source!

All of this work is time consuming but highly enjoyable for me as I'm learning a lot from using certain FX on Instruments to learning how to cut images out ready for layering in PNG format, with practice makes what?

So it can only get better right!

I've updated my music selection section with all new music and exclusives and will be adding a latino/reggaeton playlist one soon! New Mixtapes will be out soon and in the works. I've been recording my live D.J club sets lately and will be going through these ready for your ears and Mp3 Files.

Sign up to my Mailing list and be the first to know the updates on that, till then take care.


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