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121 DJ Masterclass

Learn how to DJ

  • 1 h
  • 60 British pounds
  • Shoreditch, UK

Service Description

Perfect for aspiring Dj's, intermediate and advanced level Dj's. Book a one 2 one DJ master class with DJ Deya via zoom, What's App, Meta and more @ £60.00 Per Hour. Are you an aspiring DJ that would love to become a professional someday and perhaps play in your favourite clubs or even an intermediate/advanced DJ who would like to discuss the core elements and technical skills required of being a DJ, the flow and musical side of a set, perhaps transistioning from a house 127bpm track into a 100bpm Hip-Hop Track, dip into a 65bpm and back at 130bpm without disrupting the dancefloor and energy and what is needed to pull that off with a smooth and seamless transition.  How to read the crowd and the intensity & energy of the room, feeding the crowd with the right energy and building them up in a jumping frenzy via your performance, skills and musical selection.  Perhaps discussions on the negative aspects of being a DJ to help you avoid the pitfalls and strengthen your own knowlege and DJ game, topics such as dealing with unexpected power outages, electricity demands, surge protection on your expensive equipment, technical drop outs from your laptop and how to deal with unforseen and unexpected situations. MP3 Format vs Wav vs Aiff vs Youtube rips audio quality discussions. Dealing with short & long sets, warm-up's, head-lining prime time slots and the wind down DJ and whilst in a set on how to deal with requests or not deal with requests and achieving the best possible outcome. Questions on the business aspects of being a Self Employed Entertainer in the Hospitality Sector, dealing with clients, arranging and organising bookings & catering to their needs, equipment installations, networking, dealing with promoters, event managers, club managers, engineers, security & bar staff.   Discussions on classification on business purchases, invoice structure, dealing with your accounts and the tax year, what is classified under deductions, transportation and logistics and much more.  Questions on an entry level perspective such as where do I start? How do I DJ, what is involved, what equipment should I buy? Whats better to use Pionner, Serato, Native Instruments, Virtual DJ and what is the difference? How do I scratch? How do I mix two, three or even four tracks? What are FX's and how do I use them? How to organise your music and discussions on the best way to achieve a perfect set. With a vast variety of questions, answers, discussions and debate, the tech ta

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13 Sheba Pl, London, UK

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