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About DJ Deya

Dj Deya, real name Mark Sorolla is a London, UK based open format DJ. Born & raised in South London - Stockwell, now residing in East London - Shoreditch. Has a Filipino "Philippines" heritage. 
Dj Deya learned to DJ in the mid 90's on Technics 1210's with a hip-hop and R&B influence, he then explored and progressed into dance music namely house, garage, drum & bass. With a versatile and back catalogue of music knowledge , it has allowed him to play a range of musical genres and is unrestricted by one musical genre alone.
Dj Deya has performed in venues such as Tiger, Tiger - Piccadilly, Cargo - Shoreditch, Shaka Zulu - Camden Town just to name a few and has held numerous residences across London.

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