WELCOME - I would like to thank you personally for checking out my website. You have come to the right place to find out about me - DJ DEYA and my background - what experience I have and probably how long I have been a D.J for? 

First & foremost allow me to introduce myself, my name is


Mark Deya Sorolla 

I was born and raised in South London, Stockwell/Clapham UK. Now living in East London, Shoreditch. My Birthday is 13th July. Ethnic background is Filipino (Philippines).

I established my DJ Career back in 1993 where I purchased my first decks & mixer (Gemini XL500 & Gemini 626 Mixer). This was the booming era of UK House & Garage Music and 90's Hip-Hop & R&B. I began collecting Vinyls and enjoyed the whole experience of hunting music down in various record stores such as Blackmarket & Uptown Records (Central London), Rhythm Division (East London), Red Records (Brixton), Big Apple (Croydon) just to name a few. This was way before I had a Drivers Licence & Car so you can imagine the amount of time, effort, money & mileage this would clock up through the years. Prior to this, I was always a music lover growing up in the 80's. My parents exposed me to musical artists like Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, Prince, even country music and many other great artists of the 80's era ,my father had his own vinyl collection that I would rummage through and I would even try remixing these eventually with my DJ Setup!


I fell in love with Hip-Hop & R&B in the late 80's & Early 90's. I would consider myself old school in that respect my favourite artists and bands back then where LL Cool J, Ice Cube, NWA, Jodeci, Blackstreet, Usher, R.Kelly, 2 Pac, Notorious B.I.G., T.L.C, Mary J Blige plus many, many more.  But what really set the wheels in motion in regards to my DJ Career was the House & Garage era, I instantly fell in love with the baselines, soulful harmonies, complex drum beats and patterns, catchy hooks and vocals and the music sounded even better when they were combined in transition and mixing perfectly in sync and harmony.


I eventually upgraded my equipment to Technics 1210 MK2 and a Numark Mixer and constantly worked on the craft and practised day & night, syncing tracks, working out keys and harmonies, turntablism (scratching, cutting) through out the years.

With so many Underground Pirate Radio stations popping up on the FM Dial around the mid 90's, I was fortunate enough to meet my Good Friend DJ Nik-Nik who attended the Same College as me and was an already established D.J on Supreme FM 96.1, he introduced me to other D.J's and the people behind the scenes that ran the radio station and I eventually began playing my own set Live on SUPREME FM 96.1. with other D.J's & M.C's (Many Members of the UKG Garage Band "So Solid Crew" started their earlier years here on this radio station before they joined "Delight Fm" on 103.0FM). Being an illegal radio station, I decided not to pursue any further after a few months as it was illegal and didn't want the risk of losing all my vinyls to the D.T.I (ofcom) Government officials who would confiscate and maintain the whole studio setup including the music that I so heavily invested in, back then vinyls would range from £5 - £30.00 and vinyl box's would hold upto 100 records at a time, you do the math?

I took a break from DJ'ing momentarily around 1999 - 2000 for a few months due to family and career commitments and it was around this time DJ Technology was going through it's evolution. Serato and Native Instruments began to appear and completely changed the music industry. Music could now be stored all on a Laptop and played, manipulated by the relevant software. I purchased, I would like to consider as one of the earlier DVS Hardware/Software (Digital Vinyl System). Stanton's Traktor Final Scratch. Never once did I think I could carry so much music, in a laptop and play them all from just two standalone vinyl's. I could definitely see the powerful potential behind this NEW way of DJ'ing. It was a scary transitional period because you would not know what to expect and prayed your whole set up didn't crash at your gig and left you nothing to work with. Pro DJ's still have that fear now but we now all come fully equipped and ready, if this should happen!


CD players where around, but never attracted my attention. It was more of a blending, seamless transition unlike it's vinyl counterpart. Controller's where not around at this time (Portable all in one deck unit) and Pioneer was still in the infancy of the popular industry favourite CDJ.


I eventually upgraded my Traktor 1.5 FS to the Serato SL3 and was on my way to pursing my DJ Career once again but with a difference, no longer was I passionate about the UK Garage Music scene as it got a lot Darker and heavily populated with MC's with some not very good ones may I add!


In the early 2000's I went back to my roots's of Hip-Hop & R&B, from there I didn't look back genre wise.


To this day I still incorporate a little of my House & Garage Music into my sets but keep it very commercial unless I'm in a room with those that really know about it!

Over the years I have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in the music industry and am proud to put it out on show whenever I perform, the details are in the song selection and music history, scratching and mixing skills, technical know how, music programming (playing the right tracks at the right moment) and most importantly crowd reading and creative ability.

I am really enjoying the music at this current moment in time, with the amount of good music in abundance and the availability of it all, with just a few clicks away. I feel it's a great time to be a D.J. 


As I bring this Biography to an end. I would like to thank you once again for your support, before you go, be sure to subscribe and add yourself to the emailing list so I can keep you updated with the latest news and music.

Yours Sincerly

DJ Deya